Addressing the Vehicle Repair industry skills shortage


AutoRaise, the Vehicle Repair industry’s charity, is committed to reversing the skills shortage. We work together with Repairers, Training Providers, Colleges, Schools, Work Providers and the Industry Supply Chain to present the Vehicle Repair industry to young people as a genuine alternative to other employment opportunities, further education or university. AutoRaise promotes a range of Apprenticeship paths to bring new blood into the industry today, ensuring the qualified talent of tomorrow.

Drawing on our strategic relationships with vehicle repairers and diverse youth career channels, we aim to engage and encourage young people between the ages of 13 and 24 into vehicle repair and, ultimately, present the sector as a dynamic and attractive environment to work in. We provide unrivalled support for employers and potential candidates to ensure that both parties maximise their opportunities and that Apprentices are nurtured to achieve a valued position in the future of our industry.


At our unique Industry Showcase Events, AutoRaise work with vehicle repairers across the UK to demonstrate the repair process in a real-life environment.

Young people can get ‘hands-on’ under the watchful eye of the host repairer’s skilled technicians and parents and teachers are able to understand the education, skills development and career opportunities on offer.