About us / Overview

About us / Overview


The AutoRaise initiative originated in early 2012 through the collusion of Fix Auto Dagenham and Barking & Dagenham College. Chris Oliver brought together a number of the South East’s leading vehicle repairers to help build a new Apprenticeship Standard, designed BY Repairers FOR Repairers, under the Government’s self-policing Trailblazer programme. Following comprehensive industry and BIS consultation, this AutoRaise Standard was signed off by Government in November 2015.

AutoRaise has evolved from a working group of like-minded vehicle repairers who saw the need to create a modern Apprenticeship Standard, to a charitable organisation with a single, focused purpose: to promote the industry as a sustainable, attractive and rewarding place to work. We aim to bring new blood into the industry, specifically engaging young people aged between 13 and 24, and to help employers nurture their Apprentices into qualified talent - the future owners, managers and leaders in our industry.


AutoRaise became a Registered Charity in October 2016.
Registered Charity No. 1170068.


With the skills crisis set to continue to impact us for many years, industry stakeholders are voicing their concerns about how the issue can be addressed. In AutoRaise, vehicle repairers now have their own charity committed to addressing this issue through a number of proactive initiatives. These are designed to expose a new generation to the industry, create effective opportunities and mediate between employers and young people to offer a programme that shows off the Vehicle Repair industry as an attractive alternative to other career opportunities.